Friday, October 10, 2008


I just need to take a moment to thank everyone for all their help, thoughts, and prayers the past 3 weeks. I am going to be honest... going into Jason's brutal surgery I was nervous how I was going to handle everything I have on my plate. I was especially missing my Mom because I need her and want her help- she would do things the way I would, cook the way I would, clean the way I would, worry the way I would, love my kids the way I would, and just love me and Jason. But I know that I am being watched over. Our family has truly been taken care of. I have such a great support system and great network of friends that have been so willing to help me and my family.

Just a little example of my support system... my sweet Aunt Karma (my Mom's sister) and Uncle Koyle drove an hour each way to bring me a homemade peach pie and garden fresh tomatoes (after my post). They were so concerned about us and kept calling to check in on us after Jason's surgery. They just received their mission call to the Washington D.C. temple. (Congrats!) Karma is just one of my Mom's 6 siblings who is always checking in on me and has placed many prayers on our behalf. My Aunt Nada and Uncle Richard are currently serving as mission presidents in the Phillipines and they even called me from the Phillipines after the surgery.

Between friends and ward members I did not have to cook a meal for almost 3 weeks. Friends have happily watched my children for me and I know they still would if I called them in need. One friend imparticular (and you know who you are) has done so much... multiple meals, multiple snacks and treats, watched my kids multiple times, phone calls everyday, subbed for my church calling and I am so grateful!! I honestly don't know what I've done to deserve so many wonderful people in my life but I like to think that Heavenly Father and my Mom are watching over me and have placed certain people in my life for a reason.

Each day Jason progresses and gets better and I feel blessed. Good health is such a huge thing and you really appreciate it after you've had health problems. Also, thank goodness for health insurance! Jason's hospital bill alone was $50,000. That doesn't include the surgeon's bill or the anesthesiolgist bill or the many bills leading up to it or now the physical therapy bills. All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS FOR INSURANCE. If only we had disability insurance. Darn it! That would have been nice.

My whole point of this post was to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I love you all. I am a changed person after this experience and I can't wait to serve others!!


Di said...

Good to hear that Jason is doing better and that you have so much support. I got a good laugh from all the crazy things he was saying when on his pills :)

Tracy the GREAT said...

You're an amazing person. You're a great example. People LOVE to do things for you. Thanks for your friendship. It means so much.....

janet said...

so glad to know there are so many people helping you. You deserve it and NEED it.

Love that your aunt drove down to give you a homemade pie!

summer said...

How darling that they brought you fresh peach pie and tomatoes! So sweet! Glad Jason is recovering well... I really would love to hear him say more random things though! He is my favorite when he does that!