Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Celebrations

We also had our traditional family birthday party. And when I say tradition I mean it... we sing a special birthday song, blow out candles, do heavy, heavy hang over and give each other wishes as the birthday person opens presents, and eat cake and ice cream with the WHOLE family.

check out Brady's beard.

SISTAS. (I ALWAYS wanted a sister growing up)

We celebrated with Jason's family too. Ed also had a birthday over the weekend.

Jason got a present too?! His Mom and Ed gave him an authentic 49ers helmet signed by Steve Young and Brent Jones for building their house. It was very thoughtful. Now Griff's birthday is next!


janet said...

love the family birthday traditions, the beard (he's looking more and more like a mexican!) and the helmet is awesome!

Brooke said...

(This is Phil)

Brady's beard is lookin good. I haven't seen him in a while. That is a seriously amazing thing you did for Baylee - I am sure it will help you and Jason out a lot too, but that is an awesome gift. It sounds like a really fun birthday. You deserve it and so does Baylee. What a fun little family you have.