Sunday, January 13, 2008

Full Weekend

It was a full, fun filled weekend! On Friday night, we went to dinner and a movie with some friends. Thanks to my brother, Brady, for taking care of ALL the kids so we could go. (he took Griffin to his basketball game, along with my kids, and picked Baylee up from her practice, cooked them dinner, and put them to bed) He will be a great Dad one day. The movie we saw was, I AM LEGEND. It was good. Worth seeing, but different than I expected. It was kind of scary but I liked the meaning... Light Up The Darkness.

Then Saturday night we had all of our old neighbors over for taco soup, games, and catch up time. I really do miss living right next door to these people. Even though now we are just down the street but hey, they had to drive to our house...

The guys playing pool

The gals playing foosball

The kids were running wild, except for sweet Olivia watching a movie

Avaree and Logan

Cooper and Joe... aren't they cute boys?

Yippee! Future Aunt Ligia got back from Mexico after a month. Avaree in her boots! Notice the panties?? We are doing it and she is actually doing really good! I am praying it continues.

Me, looking tired after serving my family and Jason's Sunday dinner (15 people in total). I finally got a chance to sit down and Avaree snapped a picture. Now I better get to bed because I've got to wake up early to drive car pool.


janet said...

What a fun weekend! Has that wall downstairs always been red? And the pic of Ave in her undies and boots is priceless. Save that one for the wedding video..

and you have got to stop working so hard on Sundays!! They are a day of rest, you know? Give out food assignments and try to chill out a little more! Acapulco is just around the corner, though!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like you have the ultimate party house. How fun. It's good to have good friends that you can get together with and have so much fun.
Also, that is great that Avaree is wearing undies. How did you do it?

Cathy said...

It's Cathy Hollist (Rowley) and Kim Alexander (Finlayson) gave me your blog info. I hope that's okay. I have been wanting to reconnect for a while but I have been having difficulty getting your info now that I live in Portland. My email is Email me so we can catch up.