Thursday, January 17, 2008

Husband/Lovebird Tag

I was tagged by my friend Janet and my friend Summer. Sorry, I am just barely getting around to it. They were actually two different Tags about the same thing so I combined them. Below is our engagement picture. (we finally figured out how to scan pictures!) Now here is our STORY...

What is his name?

Jason Allan Kessler... kind of a funny story... when we went to print our wedding invitations I wanted to confirm quickly how he spelled his middle name, so I called and asked him and he didn't know. So I called his Mom and his Dad and niether of them knew. They both said that they thought that it was spelled with two LL's though so I figured it was spelled with an "EN", because if it was one L it would be spelled "ALAN", right? Come to find out when we got our temple recommends to get married his middle name is spelled on the church records as "ALLAN". So his name is spelled wrong on our wedding invitations! Does that tell you a little bit about Jason?? He doesn't even care how to spell his OWN name!

1st thing said...
Hi. (then after he left, I turned to my girlfriend and said "who is that in the coat with fur on the hood?)

How long have you been together?
9 years

1st date...
We honestly did things a little differently. We never had an "official" first date. We just became good friends. In fact, he was dating my best friend and roommate at the time and we just got to know each other really well while secretly crushing on each other. He always paid for me, even when he was dating my friend because I was so poor!

How long did you date?
We pretty much got engaged 11 months after officially meeting each other

How old is he?
29, turning 30 next month

Who eats more?
He does but I can keep up with him believe it or not.

Who said I love you first?
He did... another funny story... he told me he loved me and I loved him too but I was a little scared to say it, so after he told me I said, "That's nice." He never lets that one down. He said he felt like jumping out the window after I said that. How mean am I! He confessed his love for me and I said, "That's nice!" Poor guy. I did and do love him!

Who is taller?
Him by a whole foot!

Who can sing better?
Neither of us can sing. In fact, you will NEVER hear Jason sing.

Who is smarter?
Jason for sure! He has a plethora of knowledge about everything. It's amazing. I learn from him everyday. I am smarter then him on a few things and that is Spelling and English.

Who does the laundry?
I do, when we first got married Jason helped but he found that I refolded everything he did so he stopped after that.

Who pays the bills?
I do after I check with him how much I can pay on some things

Who sleeps on the right side?
I do

Who mows the lawn?
He does. I never have... allergies.

Who cooks dinner?
Both of us actually. I am the casserole type cooker and he is the MEAT cooker.

Who drives?
He does most of the time. I actually hate driving with him. He makes me nervous.

Who is more stubborn?
JASON for sure, he is the most stubborn person I have ever met!

Who kissed who first?
It took Jason FOREVER to kiss me. In fact, I am NOT a forward person and I had to ask Jason if he was ever going to kiss me and then he finally did.

Who proposed?
Jason did on the New Years Eve of the millenium. He said that he wanted to spend the rest of the "millenium" with me. I had NO idea it was coming. We had talked about it but he kept it a secret as to when he was going to propose.

Where did you get engaged?
In my apartment in Orem (Jason was shaking, he was SO nervous!)

Long or short courtship/engagement?
We dated for almost a year and were engaged for 4 months

Where did you get married?
Salt Lake Temple

How did the reception go?
Good. Now that I look back on it though, I would TOTALLY have done things differently. It was a humble beginning, but still a special night.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Cabo San Lucas but we cut it a few days short because I got sick and we ran out of money!

Who has more friends?
Equal... okay... maybe him, he is very friendly and makes a lot of friends through work and he has lived LOTS of places.

Who is more sensitive?
ME for sure, Jason's not that sensitive and if I try to get him to be. He says, "do you want me to be gay?"

Who has more siblings?
He does... I have 5. He has 4 real sisters, 2 half sisters, 2 half brothers, and 2 step brothers. (but he would never clarify any of them as his half or step siblings. They are all his 'REAL' siblings.)

Who wears the pants?
I like to think we are equal. Some subjects he wears the pants and some subjects I wear the pants but he probably does a little more. (okay, I actually just asked Jason and my brother Brady this question and they both said that JASON WEARS THE PANTS.)

Do you have a song?
We do, kind of... it's nothing you can slow dance too but it brings back good memories. Jason lived in California for 5 months of our dating. We spent a LOT of time on the phone. One day he said, "I heard this song that reminds me of you" The song is "Kaelin" by Unwritten Law. (Kaelin/Karlin just one letter off) It had just come out and I hadn't heard it yet, so I asked him how it went?? The lyrics say... "hey little girl look what you do, ooh I love you!" (that was the closest I've ever gotten him to sing) Later he sent me the cd in the mail and the first time I heard it, I cried because he was basically saying he loved me! It was cute. In fact, we thought one day we might name a daughter Kaelin but I'm afraid it is too close to Karlin.

Now that you know more about us than I'm sure you would like too... I am going to TAG Tracy Burnham and Sara Decker.


val said...

Cute. It was so fun to read about you guys. I love your engagement photo. You guys make such a beautiful couple. I totally laughed about you saying "that's nice" when he said he loved you and then he wanted to jump out of a window! ha ha

janet said...

love it. Can't believe that Jason wore fur on his coat!! he is gay.

and I can't believe he was slow about kissing you and that you actually asked him!! that is cute.

And your engagement is a great one-- new years eve! You have a good reason to celebrate every year!

I remember hearing the Kaelin song a while ago, but I need a refresher. Maybe I will have to name a girl Kaelin.. I've always wanted to do one kind of after you.. karly or something. But the truth is, I may never have one and my girl name list is getting longer and longer!

RaeLynn said...

This was such an awesome post! I love that he wore a coat with fur on it. I love that you said "that's nice"...ouch! I love that he always paid for you when he was dating your friend (a true gentleman) and I love the story about your song. What a guy :)

Tracy said...

Shoot! I was so enjoying this post until the last sentence! It might take me a few days to get around to it. On second thought, maybe I'll get James to do it... hmmm... that might be interesting.

Janessa said...

That was so great to hear about you and Jason. It's funny that he didn't know how to spell his middle name. Awesome stuff. I can't believe you have been together 9 years. Are we that old?

Sara Decker said...

Me too Tracy...i was loving the reading until i saw my name. Mine will be boring if i do it, I'll try and do it soon. Good stories!

Jared and Lindsey said...

This is classic! Linds and I are laughing at reading this. See you guys soon.