Monday, December 17, 2007


Yes, I am still trying to get out my Christmas cards. Please email me your address at Thanks, and I LOVE all the cards I have received so far!! It is one of my favorite things about the holidays. (by the way, my Christmas cards didn't turn out too HOT. Next year I am hiring a professional!)


Jared and Lindsey said...

Hi Karlin! the address is.

22 via pacifica
san clemente, ca 92673

i forgot to email you today. hope all is well!!!

Roney Clan said...

I cant believe what you just posted on my blog. You have no clue how much Ella adores miss josie. She writes her letters, talks about her all day long. And Ella also tells people that she is having a baby and her name is going to be miss Josie. That is so awesome. Do you guys ever come and visit her? That is so cool!!!! She is awesome.

Ella and I went to Sandy Utah for a blessing this weekend. We would have loved to visit friends but we were there on friday and home on Monday. I am soooo tired. And also glad to be out of the snow. I dont know how you do it. The snow is beautiful but freezing. I just posted pictures of our trip. Reagan and I will be going back as a family in february!!! That should be fun! Maybe we could come and see you then.